Should You Travel for Eating Disorder Treatment?

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Are you thinking about leaving home to seek treatment for an eating disorder? Since eating disorders have serious emotional, mental, and physical consequences, it’s important to choose the best treatment program for your unique needs.

While some choose to seek inpatient or outpatient eating disorder treatment near where they live, many people have found that leaving their hometown was the best way to effectively enter recovery.

Why Travel for Eating Disorder Treatment?

The best eating disorder treatment center for your needs may not be around the corner. The best program for you may require travel to get there, so broadening your search to include facilities that aren’t in your immediate vicinity allows you to consider a wider range of high-quality eating disorder treatment centers.

Additionally, when you travel for eating disorder treatment, you necessarily immerse yourself in the treatment program and recovery environment. This keeps you focused on your treatment plan and not on the distractions of daily life, while also limiting your exposure to triggers and stressful environments.

Advantages of Leaving Home for a Residential Eating Disorder Treatment Program

A residential eating disorder treatment program provides round-the-clock support and a community of people who support recovery and understand its challenges. Residential eating disorder treatment, also referred to as inpatient treatment, can provide medical stabilization when necessary, as well as ongoing psychiatric care.

In residential treatment, you’ll attend individual and group therapy sessions as well as a variety of complementary therapies such as yoga or equine therapy. Attending therapy regularly means the isolation you may have imposed on yourself when you were at home is over.

At-home treatment may seem attractive at first, but traveling for residential treatment can actually accelerate your recovery. Leaving home to seek treatment for an eating disorder isn’t easy, but it can be worth it—and the consequences of not getting any treatment at all are worse.

If you choose to travel for eating disorder treatment, take comfort in knowing you’re placing yourself in a setting that provides safety, support, and the therapies you need that are all tailored to one important goal: long-lasting recovery.